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The key to scale eCommerce business is having a good knowledge in your audience, how users behave online, what are the considerations before they buy, and most importantly; WHY they buy from you.

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Shopify Marketing

Most eCommerce scaled very well using Facebook Ads. However, after scaling more than 150 eCommerce stores in the past 5 years, we are able to “decode” on why some eCommerce perform better than others, and yet having similar product.

The answer is within “balanced” traffic and your “marketing message”. In nutshell, never invest in only one marketing channel, but you should be good at SEO, Google Ads and understand your user buying psychology.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for eCommerce is consist of organic and paid traffic. For paid traffic such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we are able to see quick and scalable performance based on CPA (Cost per acquisition) and ROAS (Return of ad spend)

Organic strategy such as viral contest, referral , product upsell / downsell / cross sell, and AOV ( average order value) optimisation are extremely important and they are the lowest hanging fruit strategy.

Most eCommerce should focus on improving their organic strategy before considering scaling up their business.

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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Most eCommerce conversion rate is below than 1.5%.

For every 1% increased in eCommerce conversion rate is equivalent of 60% increased in your sales. A good CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) consist of optimising server speeds, global CDN execution, A/B split test, product images, creatives and more than 100 other hypothesis worth test out.

Shopify Marketing Case Studies



Discover how we scaled Peloha Essentials, a startup eCommerce selling essential oils in the US.

From average CPA of $35 with less than 500 orders / month, our team scaled to 4X with CPA less than $5.


Denimio is a startup eCommerce brand from Yokomaha, Japan that started its online presence in Europe.

The team at NinjaCommerce, we paved the way and created the global footprint with strong presence in APAC.

From CPA of more than $25, we reduced to $5 and grew their store organic traffic by 300% with SEO



A new gym apparel brand started in Melbourne 4 years ago, now the #1 Gym apparel brand in Australia with strong footprints in the US

From CPA of $65, we scaled StrongLiftWear globally reducing their CPA to below $20 with more than 6X ROAS

 Clients That Worked With Us

We have completed more than 150 Shopify stores.

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Shopify Marketing Strategies 

With robust Shopify platform, Shopify is the best platform to to scale due to it’s massive application marketplace and world class server infrastructures.



When our clients hire us, they never expect us to do a run-of-the-mill job. We are honest and sometimes brutally so in our specialization. Due to our nature, we are able to create practical, savvy designs and execute adaptive digital marketing strategies; and in return, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

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