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Magento Web Design

There are some ecommerce that scale reasonably well with good product market fit. However in rare cases,there are some ecommerce that scale well without even trying hard. Through good brand empathy, these eCommerce is adding another layer to what they call it eCommerce product market fit.

Brand empathy is the combination of design thinking and user experience (UX), being able express strongly the mission statement and “WHY” they are doing this.

Simon Sinek once said this “ People Don’t Buy What You Do, People Buy Why You Do It”

The approach for brand empathy design is to amplify your “WHY” , it will unconsciously connect with your audience regardless of the product that you sell. This is why Apple iPod took the world by storm, while first mp3 players has been around for many years.

Magento provides great foundation for achieving great store design, however to achieve great brand empathy requires great design structures across all pages 


Magento Web Development

Magento is one of the most flexible self hosted eCommerce platform out there. It allows full customisation and some eCommerce owners preferred Magento because of its robust functionality, great community support and provides complete freedom in terms of deploying custom features.

Since Magento is completely open sourced and free to use, building apps to support business and marketing needs are quite easy. Although many ecommerce owners find that Magento apps marketplace isn’t as complete as Shopify apps marketplace, we find that this is not true entirely because integration from 3rd party apps are quite straight forward and Magento clean code is making this easy.

As Magento is self hosted compared to Shopify hosting platform, the knowledge in server infrastructures is extremely crucial when scaling the business because it will can easily break your business. Strong knowledge in CDN is extremely important because non of these are provided if we are using Magento. Routing traffic to the right DNS deployment is crucial because every 1 second optimised in loading speed will actually increase your SEO rankings and conversions.

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Magento Marketing

Successfully launched and scale more than 150 eCommerce brands worldwide, we are the official partner of dojolab // , #1 Facebook Ad agency focused on eCommerce brands.

With heavy focused on “eCommerce funnels” , the team at dojolab // specialised in scaling cold audience in Facebook using videos / creative as top funnel, creating good retargeting journey for Mid funnel and strong call to action at Bottom funnel.

The key in scaling eCommerce is within understanding your user psychology , good brand empathy and messaging in order to really stand out in noisy social media these days.

dojolab // is not your typical Facebook Ad agency, they believe by solving eCommerce problems is the right way to scale the business. This is why SaaS and apps builder gather around to solve complex issue within eCommerce.





When our clients hire us, they never expect us to do a run-of-the-mill job. We are honest and sometimes brutally so in our specialization. Due to our nature, we are able to create practical, savvy designs and execute adaptive digital marketing strategies; and in return, we build lasting relationships with our clients.


Work Ethics!

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How We Build Fast Shopify / Magento Stores

In the age of eCommerce, everyone is looking for a fast and reliable website. Online shoppers want to get your products as fast as possible. Speed is of the essence. In a survey by Akamai Technologies, 47% of consumers are expecting pages to load in two seconds.

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Conversion Rate Optimised

Stanford University research says that 46.1% of people believe a website’s design is a significant factor for choosing if a company is trustworthy or not. Your online store's design can make or break your business.

How we build bugs free eCommerce website

How We Build Bugs Free Magento web

An error-free eCommerce website is a dream come true. Online shops are growing exponentially and business owners face different challenges in building their own website.

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