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World Class eCommerce Website Development.

Brand Empathy is the greatest strategy for eCommerce to scale
— Gerald Ming

Since 2012, we have launched and scaled more than 150 eCommerce brands worldwide. We noticed every 1 second improved when browsing Shopify / Magento will increase at least 10% add to carts. Every tweaks to messaging with more brand empathy improve traffic retention rate, and ability to scale eCommerce business is not just on coding, design or marketing but the holistic execution.

#1 eCommerce Web Development

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World class coding

World's top eCommerce brands trust us for delivering fast Shopify & Magento with great eCommerce functionality
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Empathy Design

We create strong brand empathy for eCommerce. Afterall, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

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#1 Facebook Ads Agency Scaling eCommerce

We partnered with // Reputable Facebook Ad agency scaling eCommerce brands globally.


Good eCommerce development consist of great design that engage with your audience and great coding to make sure it stays lean and fast. Our team consist of great web designers and web developers that specialised in creating world class eCommerce stores. We understand technology and marketing very well and client’s loved us for our expertise not just on design and coding, but scaling brands worldwide.

Why lean eCommerce development is #1 priority?

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Understanding about eCommerce platforms

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best ecommerce platform

Choosing the right eCommerce platform

Choosing the right platform your business can be a tedious process, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs set up and scale their eCommerce business from scratch — this why it is a walk in the park for us.

Migrating your eCommerce to Shopify / Magento

Migration to a different platform or also called "Replatforming" is when a website moves from one platform or CMS (Content Management System) to another, e.g. moving from Shopify to Magento or vice versa. Replatforming can, in some instances, also result in design and URL changes due to technical limitations that usually happen when switching platforms.

shopify and magento apps marketplace

Understanding the eCommerce apps marketplace

Marketplace apps are integrations you can add to your eCommerce website. If you are customizing your eCommerce website, you will need marketplace apps to integrate to your online store.

What should you consider before adding these applications to your eCommerce site?

We have built more than 150 shopify stores



Peloha Essential is a startup eCommerce brand selling essential oils worldwide. Prior to engaging with NinjaCommerce, they are using Woocommerce and realized the brand have outgrown the platform capability and decided to switch to either Shopify or Magento.

With great server infrastructure , speed and security, NinjaCommerce helped PelohaEssential to transition to Shopify.

Through in-depth data analysis on customer purchase behavior, we helped PeLoHa to implement a better solution to improve their Shopping AOV (Average Order Value), Shopping LTV ( Lifetime Value) and proper SEO strategies for replatforming.

The founder of Denimio, Mahoto engage with NinjaCommerce in the very beginning when they are starting to sell on their clothing on Magento

As one of the premium reseller for Japanese denim brands such as 桃太郎ジーンズ/Momotaro Jeans JAPANBLUE JEANS . Denimio initially did very well on Rakuten world wide before starting to expand their sales in SE Asia.

When NinjaCommerce took over their growth hack strategy, the data and user segment shows several important metrics and leading us to change some approach in their current marketing message and engagement strategy

Right now, Denimio is one of the top Japanese denim eCommerce outside of Japan, with strong market in SE Asia in especially in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


StrongLiftWear is a gym apparel brand started by a bodybuilding enthusiast from Australia. When they first started, they only market locally in Australia.

When NinjaCommerce helped the founder to scale, we managed to lowered down the CPA from $40 to $15 and achieved great ROAS with store AOV of about $120

In late 2015, Andrew took the decision to expand the sales in US and compete with brands such as and



We are a team of 10 professional shopify / magento developers and leading agency to help brand to do amazing things

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NinjaCommerce specialised in eCommerce empathy design and lean ecommerce website development. We help ordinary brands to stand out and scale globally.

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Shopify Experts

As the world’s most trusted Shopify agency, we’re proud to work with the world’s greatest eCommerce brands.

We are more than just Shopify Experts; NinjaCommerce is a full-service agency that helps eCommerce brands from concept to conversion, and scale beyond.

Our reputation as world-class full eCommerce agency thanks to our dedicated team of Shopify web designers and Shopify Marketing Experts, we take a holistic approach to design fast and high converting Shopify stores, and world-class e-commerce marketing strategy to scale beyond.


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